“One day I’m gonna see the world! I’m going to be an explorer, I’m gonna eat a hamburger!!”



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Webbigail “Webby” Vanderquack, birth name April, is one of the nine main protagonists in DuckTales 2017. Webby is an adventurous, zealous, and eager girl who dreams of being an explorer. She is an excitable young girl, often rambling and never knowing when to stop speaking. This Webby is an action girl, unlike her 1987 version. In addition to her cuteness, Webby is kind, sweet and cares about those around her deeply. She is a big fan of the McDuck family, and is basically a ‘walking encyclopedia’, being very knowledgeable on many aspects of their genealogy and always enjoys studying her exciting and mysterious family.

Every pendant include 1x transparent cuban chain. Chain length is 60cm.

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