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“Dr. Light said I could learn much from fighting!”


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Mega Man (ロックマン in Japanese), is the title character and the protagonist of the Mega Man series by Capcom. He was created by Akira Kitamura for the first Mega Man game released in 1987, with artist Keiji Inafune providing detailed character artwork based on Kitamura’s pixel art design. Super Mega Man is the combined form of Mega Man and Rush using the power of the Super Adapter debuted in Rockman 7. This form change his Charge Shot into a rocket punch and allow him to have an extra jump with his jet booster.

Every pendant include 1x transparent cuban chain. Chain length is 60cm.

Quality aspect of the pendant is described above. Every figurines has been acquired through thrifts or auctions and are officials. Every franchises rights belongs to theirs authors. All rights reserved.