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“You go ahead, Webby dear. We quad-zillionaires have our own ideas of fun.”


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Scrooge McDuck ( Picsou in French ) is a cartoon character created in 1947 by Carl Barks for The Walt Disney Company. Appearing in Disney comics, Scrooge is a Scottish-American anthropomorphic. Originally intended to be used only once, Scrooge became one of the most popular characters in Disney comics, and Barks’s signature work. His “Money Bin” — and indeed Scrooge himself — are often used as humorous metonyms for great wealth in popular culture around the world.

Every pendant include 1x transparent cuban chain. Chain length is 60cm.

Quality aspect of the pendant is described above. Every figurines has been acquired through thrifts or auctions and are officials. Every franchises rights belongs to theirs authors. All rights reserved.