“I am OMAC ! Evacuate this section ! I’m going to destroy it !”

Big colorful piece!


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The OMACs (/ˈmæks/Omni Mind And Community, originally Observational Metahuman Activity Construct) are a fictional type of cyborg appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The OMACs first appeared in The OMAC Project #1 (June 2005), and were created by Greg Rucka. The OMACs are cyborgs, human bodies transformed by a virus into living machines to assassinate any and all beings with superpowers. The virus was created from Brainiac-13’s nanotechnology, which had been acquired by the U.S. Department of Defense and Lexcorp, and was then secretly introduced into general vaccine supplies. The OMACs are featured in the mini-series The OMAC Project that leads up to the Infinite Crisis series.

Every pendant include 1x transparent cuban chain. Chain length is 60cm.

Quality aspect of the pendant is described above. Every figurines has been acquired through thrifts or auctions and are officials. Every franchises rights belongs to theirs authors. All rights reserved.