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From the famous media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri, Bulbasaur they appear in a collection of video games and cards, an animation series, several movies, and other merchandising, they are imagined by the Game Freak team and drawn by Ken Sugimori. They first appeared in Japan in 1996, in the video games Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red, in which Bulbizarre is one of three starting Pokémon that the player can choose to begin the adventure. These three Pokémon are all of the dual plant and poison type and occupy the first three slots in the Pokédex, the fictional encyclopedia of Pokémon species.

Every pendant include 1x transparent cuban chain. Chain length is 60cm.

Quality aspect of the pendant is described above. Every figurines has been acquired through thrifts or auctions and are officials. Every franchises rights belongs to theirs authors. All rights reserved.